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Locks are the cornerstone of commercial security and help in creating a safe environment within the work premises. It’s every company’s responsibility to ensure that all their office locks are in perfect condition for the safety of its employees, clients, and customers. San Bruno Locksmith Store is a go-to locksmith firm in San Bruno, CA that offers dedicated lock repair to commercial organizations and is known for its timeliness and quality.

When you can no longer ignore a bad lock?

Bad or dysfunctional locks are a major cause of annoyance and inconvenience for any organization. Since locks facilitate the entry and exit of staff and customers, a dysfunctional lock can create transit difficulties and may even cause an embarrassing lockout situation resulting in a loss of productivity. This is the reasons why we offer routine inspection services to commercial clients in and around San Bruno, CA area. Our locksmiths have worked on a variety of locks and can easily detect any issue with your security system. Our friendly locksmiths will explain the issue to you and provide next steps to mitigate the problem.

Trained experts at work

San Bruno Locksmith Store San Bruno, CA 650-480-6016Commercial establishments do not take risks like engaging amateur firms for lock repair jobs and understandably so. Many local locksmiths proffer substandard service under the pretext of affordability and may even damage your locks further due to lack of knowledge. We are not only an affordable locksmith firm but provide professional high-quality services with zero damage. Our locksmiths are hired from the best finishing schools and undergo rigorous training sessions to understand the intricacies of our craft. Whenever you call our expert for lock repair , rest assured you will get the best technician in the region.

Emergency exit lock repair

All commercial buildings are mandated to have a proper emergency exit in place. A non-functional emergency exit lock can attract penalty from authorities as it does not comply with the building safety standards. We offer 24x7 emergency exit lock repair services for commercial buildings at minimal costs. Call our locksmiths anytime for inspection, repair, and maintenance of emergency exit locks.

Overnight assistance

We are available 24x7 and offer overnight lock repair services to commercial establishments who do not prefer interruptions during the day. Just call our locksmiths at the time of your convenience and we will fix all your locks by the time your day’s activity begins.

Looking for an affordable service? Our locksmiths can fix all types of locks with zero damage. Call us now on 650-480-6016 !